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Anonymous said: Are hannah and Christian together I'm honestly so fucking confused.

very much so

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obaaiabo said: sad wanted them to see how much I care.

tweet them!

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obaaiabo said: hello my name is obaai not speak English so here is'm using google translator Translates hahaha hope and good. I am writing to tell you that I love your music the truth is one of my favorite bands when sick looking musics interesting thank god I got your music from there I fell in love his music helped me a lot, in my country almost no this genre of music is heard so here many who like to be labeled as weird. no more to talk a lot and I love having the best of successes.

I am not Grouplove but I’m glad to hear that!

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Hannah Hooper of Grouplove170 Russell, Melbourne (25/7/14)Full gallery | © Julia Lay

I have a few more photos that I haven’t posted yet. I’ll go through them properly when I have some time to spare.

hi ppl

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Hannah Hooper of Grouplove

Christian Zucconi of @Grouplove gets up close and personal with fans on Saturday of @Lollapalooza 2014. Photo by Nate Lanthrum. #lollapalooza #grouplove
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